Mar Cucurella

In my childhood memories there is the excitement of going to the studio where my parents had their jewelry workshop. Sawing, hammering and trying to solder without hurting myself: that's how I grew up, running from one corner to another and playing at being a jeweler. It was many years later and, after having dedicated myself to another profession, that jewelry appeared again in my life to stay. Collaborating on new designs as always was no longer enough, so I took over the family workshop. It was 2009. Since then I have been lucky enough to learn with my father, a master craftsman, and also self-taught with trial and error. Every day is a new opportunity to create, with endless possibilities ahead.

In our small and familiar workshop, we carry out the entire process to create a piece of jewelry: from the creative part, drawing sketches and experimenting with material and textures, to the first prototypes that evolve until reaching the final piece. We want the person who wears a piece of jewelry to feel it, enjoy it and be empowered. We believe in the power of the craft, which is given to us the moment we make a piece of jewelry.

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